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    Yu Peiyu said in astonishment, "You are so young. Why do they think of you?" Zhu Tears smiled and said, "Am I still young?" Yu Peiyu said, "Even though this man surnamed Yu is a beast in clothes, as the leader of the martial arts world, how can he work so hard to deal with a little child?" "Leader of the martial arts world," said Zhu Tears with a sneer? What is he, the leader of the martial arts world? Not to mention my third uncle, even I have never taken him seriously. Huangchi Assembly has been holding the earlobe of the world's Wulin cattle for decades. The leader of the assembly, the hero of the world dares to disrespect, but now this little girl doesn't take it seriously. Is this girl more noble than the leader of Wulin? Yu Peiyu is getting more and more strange. He still wanted to ask, but suddenly Yinhua Niang cheered: "Gone, all these people have gone, gone clean, no one left." Guo Pianxian lifted the window to see that there was no one outside. "What's so strange about that?" Said Zhu Tears lightly. "These people only find that my third uncle's martial arts have been restored. Do they dare to stay here and wait for death?" Even people like Yu Fanghe and Jun Haitang seem to be really afraid of this patient. What is the identity of this patient. Yu Peiyu was both surprised and curious, but by this time Guo Pianxian had picked up Zhong Jing and said, "We should go, too." "That's right," said Zhu Tears coldly. "If you don't go now,7g Ozone Generator, when will you wait?" "But if they go and come back," said Yu Peiyu, "you.." "Do you need to take care of my third uncle's affairs?" Said Zhu Tears proudly? As for me.. Whether I live or die, I never need to be bothered by others. "In that case," said Zhong Jing in a trembling voice, "why do you want.. Want Steal my martial arts? "You came to beg us," said Zhu Tears coldly. "We didn't look for you,Ceramic Band Heater, and you can't blame anyone else." Zhong Jing was stunned and burst into tears again. The patient suddenly said softly, "It's not easy for them to come here. Give it to them." "But these things were mine," said Zhu Tears. "Why should I give them?" The patient frowned and said, "What's a piece of jewelry? How can you become more and more crazy?" "Yes," said the tearful Zhu. She did not speak again, but took out a bundle from the closet and threw it in front of Yinhua Niang. The bundle loosened a corner, and the light was faintly exposed. It was the thing that Yinhua Niang had lost. Although Yinhua Niang was full of surprise and suspicion, she dared not say much any more. She was stunned for a long time, picked up the bundle and flew downstairs. ※ ※ ※ Who the hell is this patient? Why are Yu Fanghe and others so afraid of him? What is the identity of Zhu Tears? Why do so many martial arts masters come to see such a little girl like her? And even the magnificent Red Lotus is among them. Is the Red Lotus a bully? What on earth is the disease of this patient? Why are you convalescing in this remote town? His skill had not yet recovered, and Yu Fanghe and others would not go far. He should have left Yu Peiyu and others behind, but why should he let them go gently? Yu Peiyu was full of doubts, and Yinhua Niang kept muttering to herself, "It's strange, 10g Ozone Generator ,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding," she said. "Why did the hysteria ghost return the jewelry to me? Why is it so easy to let us go? Does he really have no intention of us? As she spoke, she rushed forward. In this small town bathed in the sun, every house had its doors and windows closed, and no one could be seen. But Guo Pianxian took two steps, but suddenly blocked her way. Yinhua Niang hurriedly hid the bag of jewelry behind her back and said, "What do you want to do?" Guo Pianxian sighed and said, "After all, it's a woman. Even a woman like you can't help being petty. At this time, would I still think about your bag of jewelry?" Yinhua Niang rolled her eyes and said with a smile, "Since you know that women are very stingy, why do you want to block their way? Don't you want to go out quickly? Don't you want to wait for the Red Lotus to come to you again?" Guo Pianxian said coldly, "I naturally want to go quickly, but I don't want to be carried out.". ” Yinhua Niang glanced at Zhong Jing and said with a charming smile, "We want to be carried by you, but it's a pity that your hands are not free." "If you keep rushing forward now," said Guo Pianxian, "are you still afraid that no one will carry you?" Yinhua Niang rolled her eyes again and said, "You mean.." Can't we go now? "You and I can't walk out of this town right now," said Guo Pianxian. Yinhua Niang said with a smile, "Don't think I really like it so much that I'm dizzy. I also know that Yu Fanghe and others will never go far. They've probably surrounded the town. So now you can't even see a ghost in the town." Guo Pianxian said slowly, "But you calculate that they have no quarrel with you. They will never let you go. As long as you can go out, others won't care, right?" Yinhua Niang said with a smile, "I'm a stingy and careless woman. What else can I do?"? You're a decent man, and you don't want me to take care of you. Guo Pianxian laughed and said, "Good friend, good friend.." It is fortunate that you are not a man, otherwise it would be strange if you could say such selfish and moral words so beautifully. Yinhua Niang giggled and said, "I know you won't kill me. Even if you want to keep me, our benevolent and righteous Mr. Yu will never let you do it." "If you want to go, I won't stop you," said Guo Pianxian. "Oh," said Yinhua Niang with a smile, "I didn't expect you to be a man of great benevolence and righteousness.." Guo Pianxian said coldly, "But if you carry such a big bag of jewelry, will others let you go out?" Yinhua Niang seemed to have been kicked, and the whole person was about to fall down. Guo Pianxian leisurely answered: "So, if you want to go, it is inevitable to leave this bag of jewelry." Isn't that the same as killing you? Yinhua Niang suddenly jumped up, stamped her feet and said, "I know now that the hysteria ghost who returned the jewelry to me is holding me back and not letting me go. This man has only one breath left, but he still has so many ghost ideas." Yu Peiyu couldn't help saying,Ozone generator ceramic plate, "If you think he's hurting you, why don't you return the jewels to him?" Yin Nianghua stamped her feet and said, "Of course he's right. I don't want to give up.." 。

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