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The guests around hurriedly took out the sword palm immortal treasure and suppressed the blood fog again, so as not to let it bring disaster to the lotus platform. Within ten feet of Ding yuan's whole body, thousands of fierce ghosts went up in smoke, the streamer splashed in all directions, and the wind blew away. The jade fan could not withstand the tremendous pressure of the two impacts, and it broke into powder with a sound of "bang". Hidden in the fan, the water poison of forgetting love floated in the package of Chuwang Tianzhen yuan. Chu looked at the sky and hummed, choking out a mouthful of blood, shaking his body several times and barely standing still. All the light of Ding yuan's six magic swords was absorbed into his body. His face was pale, and his eyes looked at him through the fog of blood. He took a deep breath and said coldly, "Old Demon Chu, you are at the end of your wits. Why don't you give him the head?" When Chu Wangtian saw Ding yuan inhaling, he was ecstatic. "Smelly boy," he said with a sneer, "the old man's head is not so easy to hold!" Ding yuan recorded a clear roar, and the six magic swords were raised over the top, striding toward Chu Wangtian. Chu looked at the sky and stood still, looking nervously at each other, waiting for the attack of water poison. Dozens of ghosts rushed up again from all sides, but melted invisibly under the light of the sword. But just then, Ding yuan's face changed slightly, and his body was shocked and he shouted angrily, "Old Demon Chu, you dare to poison me!" His face was immediately covered with a layer of enchanting blue light. Chu Wangtian laughed ferociously and said, "Smelly boy, let the old man send you to heaven and go with Ji Lao Gui." Jumping in,heavy duty cantilever racks, his palms gathered the strength of ten thousand Jun and clapped at Ding yuan's chest. When the palm came near, Chu Wangtian saw the smile floating on Ding yuan's lips again. His pale eyes burst out with light. He breathed out a breath of strength between his lips and said, "Old Chu, you fell into the trap!" Chu Wangtian was scared out of his wits, and although he had already reacted, he had already inhaled a wave of air in his mouth and nose, and it flowed down his throat. As soon as he tried to force it out, Ding yuan's fists arrived and "banged" on Chu Wangtian's iron palm. The two men flew back separately, and the meridians of Chu Wangtian shook violently. The True Qi that had just been mentioned was immediately scattered,industrial racking systems, and the poisonous gas went deep into the heart. As soon as Ding yuan smiled, the blue light on his face receded in an instant. "Have you ever heard an old saying, Old Devil of Chu?" He said in a loud voice. He who counts is also counted. You want to harm Ding Mou with the poisonous water of forgetting love, but you don't know that my body is poisoned by the fairy Zhu Guo, which is already invulnerable to all kinds of poisons. "Well, it's good to poison yourself!" Chu Wangtian's forehead was dripping with cold sweat, and he was no longer free and easy in the past. He tried his best to force poison. But the most taboo of water poison is to go deep into the internal organs, and it is difficult to pull it out easily. In the past, Thunder was poisoned by this poison and spent more than 20 years. Although he was able to extricate himself, he was tortured and his face was destroyed. Chu Wangtian hurriedly took out a celadon vase from his bosom. Who would have thought that Ding yuan would be unreasonable, so he deceived himself and clapped his hands at the door of Chu Wangtian. Chu Wangtian had no choice but to raise his left palm to meet him, and as soon as he "banged" his palms, he felt dizzy and short of breath. More importantly, the right hand was empty, and the porcelain bottle had been snatched away by Ding yuan. Ding yuan held the porcelain bottle in his hand and said with a smile, "Chu Wangtian, is this the antidote to the poison of forgetting love?" Chu Wangtian's eyes almost breathed fire, and the toxin in his body began to break out. He felt the same pain all over his body. He roared, warehousing storage solutions ,drive in racking system, "Give it back to me!" Reach out and rush forward to snatch it back. He hobbled, numb hands and feet, an overlord of the Demon Palace, where there are moves to speak of at this time, was lightly dodged by Ding yuan. The Ghost Blood Pool Scroll is not manipulated, its mana is greatly reduced, and it is slowly returned to the scroll. The fog of blood around it gradually faded, revealing its original face. With a snort, Ding yuan, like the wind, grabbed Chu Wangtian's shoulder like a chicken, and a stream of Cuiwei True Qi broke into his body, pressing him so hard that he could not move. With his left hand, he grabbed the scroll and smashed it into powder with a burst of True Qi. "I don't know how many people's lives and blood have been sucked by such harmful things," he said disdainfully. "It's better to destroy them!" Chu Wangtian's eyes were red, and he was very distressed. It was a pity that the poison of water made him feel sore and numb all over, and his whole body was forbidden by Ding yuan, so he could only watch his years of hard work disappear. Ding yuan strode toward the Lotus Terrace of the Cuixia Sect. The elder disciple at the gate of the Forgetful Palace wanted to rush out to rescue Chu Wangtian. Leng Buding saw a figure passing by. The unfeeling mother-in-law stroked the unintentional Zhu Yan Dao with her finger and flicked it lightly. With a sound of "Zheng", Bao Dao sang. The unfeeling mother-in-law said coldly, "Those who are not afraid of death will come!" Ding yuan waved his hand and threw Chu Wangtian in front of Ji Lan's seat, saying, "Elder Martial Brother Ji, I'll give you the old demon of Chu." In his hand, he threw the celadon bottle on the long table and looked back at Ling Yunxiao and Ling Yunyu. At this time, Ling Yunxiao had gained the upper hand, and the light of the sword was like a waterfall, which surrounded Ling Yunyu. Ling Yunyu left and right, attend to one thing and lose another, still relying on the magic religion 16 stunts to sacrifice their lives to fight, but the discerning people have been clear that his defeat has been decided, no way to save the day. Is more than ten face to face, Ling Yunxiao step by step, Ling Yunyu forced to the edge of the lotus platform. Lingyun feather like a crazy demon, "ha ha" in the low whistle, the red demon remnant jade claw to Lingyunxiao shoulder, the momentum is terrible but is a spent force. Ling Yunxiao waved his sword sideways, "hissing" repeatedly, and Ling Yunyu's big sleeves were flying everywhere, in a mess. Ding yuan's eyes fell on Ling Yunyu's bare arms. He suddenly jumped onto the lotus platform and shouted, "Mr. Ling, wait a minute!" As soon as Ling Yunxiao stopped his sword, he said, "Little brother, the traitor has done a lot of evil deeds. I can't spare him today. Is it possible that the little brother still wants to intercede for him?" Ding yuan shook his head and looked at the five red claw marks on Ling Yunyu's arms that had not yet faded. He said in a deep voice, "Ling Yunyu, is it you who went into the Tibetan Sutra Pagoda day and night and killed several female disciples of Lingkong Nunnery?" Ling Yunyu gasped violently like a wild animal, with a cold light in his eyes. He raised his head and replied, "Yes, it's the old man. What can you do?" On the seats of Lingkong Nunnery, there was a low sound of chanting the name of the Buddha. All of them showed their grief and indignation. They put their hands together and recited the name of the Buddha in a low voice. Abbess Jiuzhen stood up and said, "Almsgiver Ling, Younger Martial Sister of the poor nun. A month ago, she went to Tianlu to investigate the attack on the Sutra Pagoda. Unfortunately, she was also killed. I think it was also written by the Almsgiver." Ling Yunyu laughed and said, "The matter has come to this point. What else can I hide?"? Yes, the old nun's life was also taken by the old man. Who let her attempt to sneak into the ice palace, hum,wire mesh decking, really do not know whether to live or die! Abbess Jiuzhen sighed softly, "Almsgiver Ling, your heart is too cruel." 。

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