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Seeing the mortal in front of him who had not been able to do anything for a long time, the elder Voidwalker, whose blood volume had dropped by more than half, was a little anxious. It stopped, sent such a wave of thought to the people around it again, and then waved its hand, really showing a new ability. Dark annihilation! This is a bit of a summoning ability, using Void Magic to create an annihilation energy ball in a designated place. The energy ball has a certain adsorption effect, and will continue to be damaged after being adsorbed. If you can't break free quickly, the damage will increase rapidly and eventually reach a terrible point. A single annihilation energy ball is nothing, but the size of a basketball, and the range of adsorption is only three meters. Even if you enter the periphery of the energy ball by mistake, you can also get rid of the effect of the skill as long as you break free immediately. So, at the beginning, the Illuminati masters didn't pay enough attention to this skill. However, when the second annihilation energy ball appeared, the Illuminati masters were not calm. There should be an echo between the two coexisting energy balls, which makes their adsorption capacity increase sharply, especially in the range of straight lines, and the effect expands sharply. When the annihilation energy balls finally accumulated to five and stabilized,Teardrop Pallet Racking, the five annihilation energy balls formed a complex network, which greatly strengthened the power of the energy balls, so that many Illuminati masters had to try their best to resist the attraction. This skill, combined with death and withering, poses a great threat to them! Just fixed in place to resist the adsorption force, the presence of the master can almost do. But as soon as Death and Death appeared, they had to start moving immediately in order to break out of the skill range. But in this way, it is inevitable to be close to five separate spheres of annihilation energy. If you are not careful,warehouse storage racks, someone will be sucked by the energy ball. The initial damage is only 100 points per second, but if you can't get help, the damage will stack at a rate of 100 points per second! If you count the percentage of death and withering and blood loss. Once you are sucked, if you can't get help from your teammates, and you don't have the skills to break free, it won't take ten seconds, and that person will be finished. This new skill has brought great trouble to the masters of the Illuminati. [Baixiaosheng Literature Network's Novel First Issue [Grain Network] 607 Chapter 607 Void Boundary Successive waves, one after another, twenty or thirty masters were absorbed. About half of them have the ability to save themselves and escape immediately after being absorbed, but the rest can only rely on the rescue of their teammates. Finally, almost all the members of the Illuminati were there, and the master who had the blood of a goblin tinker kept refreshing his staff, and after a dangerous rescue, they were lucky to avoid sacrifice. During this period, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,cantilever racking system, such as Zhao Dingguo's star imprisonment, Shen Caiwei's thin burial and so on, all effectively gained time and finally helped his teammates out of danger. However, despite the temporary lifting of the crisis, the Illuminati masters were stumped by this skill. If they don't find a way to break the combination of annihilation energy ball and death, it will be difficult for them to continue to complete the kill. What should I do? While the long-range experts are encouraging and maintaining the attack, others are taking the opportunity to think about countermeasures. Perhaps the elite of the Illuminati is indeed a lot, before long, someone immediately discovered the mystery of this skill. It turned out that the seemingly empty annihilation energy ball could be blown up. Although spells seem to have no effect when thrown, as long as they are patiently hit, they can be blown up to a certain extent. The only thing to note is that when the annihilation energy ball is destroyed, it will cause a violent explosion. When attacking, pay attention to ensuring the distance. Discovering this, the skill set of the Voidwalker Elder was immediately cracked. With the bombardment of the Illuminati masters, the five annihilation energy balls were destroyed one after another. Although the Voidwalker Elders will continue to summon, knowing the characteristics, the Illuminati Masters will no longer indulge. Every time it summons one, the master of the war will divide some people to quickly destroy the annihilation energy ball. In this way, this powerful new skill also fails in front of the Illuminati! What else can stop them from killing? Seeing the Voidwalker Elder's health drop to 20% in vain in the counterattack and struggle, the Illuminati's masters in the war have become confident. But at this time, the Burning Legion monster, which is famous under Archimonde, finally showed its last trump card. Void boundary! This is a skill that is extremely similar to the Void Masquerade in dot. Although it is not so abnormal, it is enough to reverse the situation at the last minute. After the launch, with the Voidwalker Elder as the center, a dark blue "color" enchantment is shrouded within a radius of 15 meters. Enemies in the enchantment are reduced by 80% in movement speed and 80% in attack speed. What's even more daunting is that this is an ability with a duration of 25 seconds and a cooldown of 30 seconds. Apart from the short buffer time in the middle, it can almost be said that the whole process has been maintained. The speed of movement has been reduced by 80%, which is the same as the highest level of ice wall in Zhao Dingguo, enough to make anyone turn into a snail and can't escape. The attack speed is reduced by 80%, which greatly reduces their output, and the DPS becomes an empty talk. The latter is nothing, after all, the boundary is limited, it is impossible to cover everyone in it. As long as the mage outside the boundary pays attention, the attack speed is not affected. However, the former is too deadly. Once covered by the Void Boundary and targeted by the Voidwalker Elders, it is really a desperate existence. Because the space within the Void Enchantment is controlled by the Voidwalker Elders, all means of space transfer are disabled during this period. Whether it is pushing stick, jumping knife, or flashing, teleportation skills, all can not be used in it! He could not run away, nor could any other kind of aid, which alarmed those who had been targeted by the Voidwalker Elders. Had it not been for Shen Caiwei's prompt decision to push herself in the past and give her a thin burial in time, I'm afraid the person who bears the brunt would have died. Rao is so,heavy duty metal racks, only five seconds, the situation is also very critical. As a last resort, the three "sex" masters immediately issued an adjustment for "sex.".

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