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Kangxi turned over the memorial and suddenly threw it on the table. Rong Ruo glanced up at him, wondering why he lost his temper. He pushed the memorial away irritably and glanced at the books beside the table. He opened the book that Fang had found and shook his head as he read it. How can this woman think of it! Get him these books. He smiled suddenly and put the book on the table. Rong Ruo's eyes fell on the cover of the book with a different look. "Your Majesty." The eunuch brought the jade dishes of the concubines. "What day is it?" Kangxi asked casually. "Your Majesty, today is the eighth day of the first lunar month, and in a few days it will be the fifteenth." Replied the eunuch. Kangxi nodded and casually opened a jade dish. He did not look at the name on it. He waved his hand and the eunuch stepped back. "What's the matter with you?" Kangxi noticed that he was pale. "Nothing, these books..?" "I suddenly have some interest in taking a look at it." He said. If Rong did not speak again, he felt vaguely uneasy in his heart, but he could not tell where he was uneasy. "Your Majesty." A man came in outside the door. "Cao Yin, you're just in time. I have something to show you.". Look at this, Wu Sangui, please withdraw the vassal state! Kangxi threw a memorial to the throne on the table. "You two give me some advice." "Rong Ruo, what do you think?"? Rong Ruo! Rong Ruo a shock, his eyes always stay on the table above the book, how can she steal the book in the hands of the emperor? Is she all right? "Cao Yin, you say it!" Kangxi turned his eyes to Cao Yin with some displeasure. Cao Yin! The name on the jade dish is her! Cao Yin accidentally saw the opened jade dish. His heart was groaning, though he knew that she belonged to the emperor. She was a noble person, but the feeling still hurt him. "Your Majesty, it's getting late!" The eunuch took the jade dishes and said carefully. "Come and take the place of the Palace of Earthly Tranquillity!" Kangxi suddenly said, a flying body,Ceramic Bobbin, jumped over the table. He copied the books on the table with some anticipation and excitement. "Your Majesty, but." The eunuch with the jade dish ran after him. "It's not fifteen yet." Can I go to the Palace of Earthly Tranquillity only on the fifteenth? I want to go now! Kangxi laughed. "Your Majesty." The eunuch wiped his sweat and followed. Palace of Earthly Tranquillity "Why do you have time to come here today, the bastard emperor?" Fang asked with her neck held high. "I'm afraid if I don't come to see you for too long, the Palace of Earthly Tranquillity will be lifted by you!" Kangxi said in a spoiled way. "Che, I thought you had a conscience!" "Do I need a conscience?" Kangxi hugged her. "I'm not good to you?" "I don't compare you with your emperor father, and you can't compare with him." Fang said sullenly, "It's also a tragedy to talk about Tang Xuanzong.". I ask you, have you read the book I gave you? Seeing Kangxi nodding, she continued. How do you compare with Emperor Wen of the Sui Dynasty and Emperor Xiaozong of the Ming Dynasty? If I had known I wouldn't come here, Fanger would have begun to complain! "There is no other pet, ceramic bobbin heater ,ceramic bobbin element, weak water three thousand, take a gourd ladle alone.". I really can't compare. "That, that, that," weak water three thousand, take a gourd ladle alone "is what you said to me, easy to say. Although they are emperors, they have only one wife, which is called taking a gourd ladle alone! Forget it. Your wife has asked for so much. It's not humane to ask for a rest. Said Fang, pursing her lips. "Look at what is written on this page. Although Yang Shi is the queen of the dead Dynasty, Liu Yao continues to let her be the queen of the new Dynasty, which shows the depth of love!" Fang picked up a book she had found and pointed it out to him. Kangxi looked at her with a smile and a look of grievance. I've read all these books. You don't have to read them to me page by page. Also, Emperor Xiaowu of the Song Dynasty in the Southern Dynasties, Yin Shi died, and he drank and cried every day. Tang Daizong, still guarding Dugu's coffin for three years, if I die, will you shed tears.. Kangxi suddenly kissed her. "I will not let you die." He whispered in her ear. "What can you do if I really die?" She murmured in a low voice, "Then you say, so, are you treating me badly?" Kangxi looked at her, and her big dark eyes flickered. "According to these books you found, it is." It's a little unfair to treat you. Kangxi said. "How do you compensate?" It's good to have his words, "Well, it doesn't need much. You let me travel around, go to the West Lake, Hangzhou, there, for a few days and so on." She crackled and looked at Kangxi expectantly. "You want to leave the palace?" Kangxi looked at the book on the table and turned over a few pages. "By the way, how could the book in the upper study be here?" "Well-" Oh, he bit back. "I asked the eunuch to help me." "Which eunuch?" Kangxi asked. "Just.." That's the one.. The eunuchs all looked the same,alumina c799, their voices were the same, and their names were the same. I forgot. Fang son fooled way. Which eunuch is so bold? Apart from my little Fangzi, I'm afraid there's no other one! Kangxi laughed. 。

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