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To tell the truth, can Li forgive her deception and intercede with the emperor for her? Kuifu can't guarantee. After all, she cheated him for more than four years, cheated her as a confidant friend of Li, how can Li hope to understand her? And how long can you cheat in the end? The marriage of the Marquis of Dingyuan was the subject of discussion in the streets and lanes, and several ministers moved frequently under the table, hoping to recruit her as a son-in-law. Although she pretended not to know all this, she could not delay it forever. If you don't marry, sooner or later there will be gossip. In order to find someone to consult, she decided to break into the Forbidden Palace at night. Breaking into the Forbidden Palace at night, even if she is deeply trusted by the prince's Longxiang general can not escape criminal responsibility. But if you choose to enter the palace in broad daylight.. Kuifu didn't forget the last lesson. She had no reason not to go to the ten-day banquet given by the emperor after her triumphant return, but she was afraid that she would get drunk and lose her temper during the banquet, so she used the excuse that she was not feeling well and went to the side hall for a temporary rest. Because she was very energetic at all, she naturally saw clearly the scene of the ladies fighting for tea and bedding. After entering the palace several times, he was repeatedly surrounded by palace maids, competing to show goodwill. The scale is even larger than that of the East Palace. She's not interested in having that experience again. For the sake of her own safety, she did a lot of preventive measures afterwards, including finding out the terrain in the palace and the rotation time of the Feather Forest Army. It may not be easy for most people to get this kind of information, but Kuifu has an excellent source of information-that is, the general of the Feather Forest Army who leads the Feather Forest Army today, and the Blue Sky King who has the title of General Mingwei. A year ago,cordierite c520, when she sent troops back to the court, the prince recommended her to be the governor of Lanzhou, the imperial censor, and the observer of Longyou Road, but she did her best to refuse. Then the prince wanted to recommend her to be the general of the Yulin Army, but of course she refused. Before that, many of her former subordinates in the army had the intention of following her again, and were always around her. In order to get it done once and for all,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, she simply recommended all her generals and distributed them to the vacancies of military officers all over the country. Today, Lantian Qing will hold the important position of guarding the palace, which is also due to her strong recommendation. Lantianqing is Wu Ke Tanhua, who became an official at the same time as Kuifu more than four years ago. At first, he served with Kuifu as a member of Zhongjun, and then he was appointed as a vanguard officer together with her. He was a young man who devoted himself to his duties. Unfortunately, he was not able to respond to the opportunity on the battlefield, so that he failed several times in battle. After that, he has been serving as a rear guard. Kuifu at this time found that perhaps the blue sky engine is not suitable for the attack mission, but the guard's work by him is more suitable. After Kuifu was promoted to be the general of the right army, he took Tianqing as his staff. In view of this, a year ago, without saying a word, she recommended Lan Tianqing, who was named General Mingwei, ceramic welding tape ,ceramic bobbin heater core, to take up the post of General of the Feather Forest Army and assume the responsibility of defending the interior. As far as Tianqing is concerned, Kuifu is an officer and a good colleague. Naturally, under the guidance of Kuifu intentionally or unintentionally, he will reveal a lot of inside stories to let Kuifu know. That's how you get the schedule of the Feather Forest Army and the topographic map of the palace. Of course, she chose to go to the palace in the evening to see her adoptive father who served in the palace. Even the prince could not enter the harem after nightfall. This rule was destroyed by Li Daci. Li Xin reluctantly came to the Leping Palace to see the queen mother. In fact, he himself was to blame for the scene becoming so embarrassing. Who told him to make a slip of the tongue in a moment of mischief, he would end up unable to defend himself at this moment and could not get away. I have said many times that I have no habit of breaking my sleeve, and I don't want to do this. I hope my grandmother will learn from me. "In that case, why do you refuse to get married?"? You know, you are twenty-seven years old and still haven't married a concubine. Isn't that suspicious? Rather than saying that the empress Dowager wanted to refute the rumor in order to verify the rumor, it would be better to say that the empress Dowager wanted to make use of the topic and forced Li to nod and agree to choose the imperial concubine. If I don't meet the woman I like, I won't marry a concubine lightly. I hope my grandmother will forgive me. That was the only thing that Li did not give in to his elderly grandmother. Haven't you met the woman who makes your heart beat yet? The queen mother frowned and asked worriedly. This grandson is good at everything, but his personality is more stubborn, his vision is higher, and his demands are more. Otherwise, she would have obediently married the imperial concubine, and she would have been able to play with her great-grandson instead of scolding him with tears. Up to now, no progress has been made. Faced with this problem, Li can only sigh silently. The object of his heart is met, to say that the heart is also moved, but the guy does not want to admit that she is a woman. "What should I do?" Li thought, bored? If you tell the whole story of Kuifu to the queen mother. No, this can not, the queen mother is stubborn, perhaps she will cure Kuifu a "deceive the emperor, corrupt the program" crime, said what can not take this risk. Li did not answer directly, just thinking about things in situ, the queen mother also understood that the stalemate would not have any results, simply waved his hand to Li to step down. Grandson, then, will retire. Li was relieved to bow. He can finally catch his breath. Unfortunately, he was relieved too early. The so-called thunder always appears after the lightning, when the spark of lightning disappears, it is a sound of thunder on the ground. In surprise and disbelief, the crowd watched a "something" fall out of Li's arms. The four men opened their mouths wide at the same time and could not speak for a long time. Four people? Li, the empress Dowager, Li Jueming in the hall, plus a person who was listening outside the hall at the moment, did not even dare to breathe much. Just be silent. The man outside the hall was neither a maid of honor, nor a Chamberlain, nor Li Changming, Princess of Yidu, who fainted every other day, but General Wu Kuifu, who, according to common sense,Kamado bbq grill, should not have appeared here at all. It was a coincidence that she had sneaked into the Forbidden Palace and was about to look for her adoptive father when she said that she happened to pass by the Leping Palace and heard Li's voice. In a moment of curiosity, she stayed a little longer to see why he "also" violated the ban and stayed in the palace late at night. She crept close to the window, but fortunately it was too remote to be noticed.

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