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Let's see how His Secret Obsession can help with relationship counseling and providing a map of the stages of a relationship to help you understand the issues and what you need at each stage.

Relationship counseling provides a structure to nurture and build what is working in your relationship and have a safe place to work through problems.

According to this Article: https://www.eubookshop.com/his-secret-obsession-review/ Like many couples, you may find yourself stuck repeating the same problems and patterns, wanting to be more intimate, or dealing with broken trust.

These days, we often find ourselves so exhausted, stressed, exhausted from work and parenting that we have little time to focus on our relationship with each other. Sometimes I'm busy.

If you're in conflict, it's comforting to know that moments of conflict are normal and can be overcome. How you handle conflicts with His Secret Obsession program is important.

Pyramid diagrams provide a framework for showing how relationships change over time. Understanding the different stages will help you better understand the relationship. It's also reassuring to make sure your experience matches the category.

Attractiveness - It takes a little effort to feel loved and wanted

Rehabilitation - Getting to know each other through everyday life

Polarization - Conflicts and problems create distance

Healing - conflicts are resolved

Intimacy – trust and good communication create a sense of security and intimacy

These trends show how relationships change over time and help you understand when moments of tension are normal. Let's look at each of these steps to see how seeking relationship counseling can help.

Attraction - Feeling loved and wanted

Attractive stages see the best in each other. We prefer the qualities of our spouse that we admire or want more than ourselves. Attraction, in addition to being physical, is based on shared values, similar environments, common goals and interests, and has an unconscious component as well. Our unconscious attracts us to “familiar” people who fit our unconscious connection patterns.If there is fear that things will go wrong, relationship counseling from His Secret Obsession book can help at this stage. .

Some couples attend relationship counseling early in their relationship who have been previously hurt and need support and reassurance, or want to work through some differences so they can build trust.Friendship and trust. Understanding the messages you receive early on will help you understand your emotions rather than being controlled.

Maintenance - Routine

We get to know each other through our life patterns. Inevitably, some of the feelings of desire and passion fade. We may face disappointment when our partner does not live up to the image of him or her that we had. We may not feel confident enough to say what we feel. We avoid big problems for fear of losing a loving relationship. We are getting pretty close, but even though we want to be closer, we try to stay away. Our relationship may look good on the outside, but on the inside it's tricky, leaving us vulnerable and attached to each other. Relationship counseling can help couples at this stage improve communication and feel more trustworthy about themselves. Increased authenticity and trust brings more life to relationships.

Polarization - Conflicts and problems create distance

Polarization is a stage of confrontation, where arguments and strong emotions further divide us. It is called the polarizing stage because differences become forces opposing each other. The problem gets out of hand. I can't discuss the problem, and anger wells up. We may hurt enough to start trusting each other. There may be a sense of failure and a longing to get back to where the relationship started. Polarization can be triggered by events such as:

take an oath

move in together

shortly after we got married

about having children

breach of trust

Polarization often begins years after a marriage or relationship feels safe to move beyond the maintenance phase. Partners may try to deal with feelings of ostracism by using porn, drinking, cheating, or betraying trust. Our parents and guardians subconsciously give us templates for how to build relationships with His Secret Obsession book. In that time, we learned how to be loved and how to protect ourselves from being hurt.

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