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Turns out a LOT of folks what to include barcode scanning in their mobile applications. How do we know this? Just a couple of weeks ago we released our SDK for iPhone and a week ago we released our SDK for Android. Since then HUNDREDS of developers have downloaded them and included them in their mobile applications. Here are some stats:

- 700+ iPhone 2G/3G/3GS Barcode Scanner SDKs

- 275+ Android Barcode Scanner SDKs

- 200+ License Agreements Returned

There are commercial and open source options in the market, but we think our secret sauce is our AdOns ad framework. Instead of delivering a typical banner ad based on demographic or location we can deliver a highly targeted ad based on the product actually scanned by the user.

Each AdOn is dynamically generated taking into account the item scanned and the location of the user. For example, a popular AdOns™ is delivered each time a user scans a DVD. The AdOns™ plays the movies trailer of the movie scanned while promoting the retailer. Another AdOns™ takes into account the location of the user suggesting they sign up for the retailers loyalty program while explaining how much the user might save relative to the item scanned. The possibilities are endless, we are currently working on AdOns™ that include sample tracks on CDs, comic book previews, food info, allergy info, integrated coupons, cloud printing, warranties, wine info, sports/concerts tickets, computer configurator, memory card matcher, battery matcher, ‘what’s not in this box?’, alternative/related products, trailers/previews for movies and games, and product reviews/videos.

AdOns™ support Doublclick DART and Atlas campaign tracking. In late 2010 advertisers will be able to use our online tools to design rich, interactive HTML5 AdOns™ and automatically flight campaigns. Ready to create an AdOns™ for a product, location or combination of both? Just email and we can help you build an ‘ads that does more!’ AdOns™ begin at $10CPM+$2CPC and are sold on an auction style basis for popular UPCs and/or locations. Download a PDF that describes our AdOns™ program in more detail HERE.

iPhone Barcode Scanner SDK Version 1.1

If you are one of the hundreds of developers that downloaded our iPhone Barcode Scanner SDK before yesterday you need to update to version 1.1 of the SDK. We found a few strange bugs in the 1.0 version when we were testing the SDK in ShopSavvy. The guys have teased out the bugs and everything seems to be working well (we have submitted a new version of ShopSavvy to iTunes including the new SDK). If you are still in development please download the 1.1 version now and let us know if you have any issues. If you have already released your iphone app scan to pdf, please include the update in your next version (within 30 days, per the terms of our license agreement). We will continue to improve the SDK including support for new barcode standards including Databar (coming very soon).

Automobile VIN Barcode Scanner SDK

Have you ever wanted to scan the VIN  (vehicle identification number) barcode on your car with your iPhone? Lots of iPhone developers want to build applications that do. Check out our first attempt at a VIN Barcode Scanner SDK. It is pretty good, but only works on 3GS right now. We will be updating the SDK with a speed increase as well as support for 2G and 3G iPhones in the coming weeks. For now feel free to use the SDK for free, just execute our standard license.

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