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Hard checks, tough guys and lots of action - that's what hockey is all about. The crackle of blades and puck hunters lure fans from all over the world into the halls and give their all every second on the ice. Sometimes even teeth, south african sportsbook licence. We, the fans, prefer to watch the spectacle from behind the plexiglass and want to place bets. In this article, we will introduce you to the best hockey betting strategies! Let's start with a classic: a straight bet. In hockey, there is no draw after regular time. If there is a draw after the 3rd period, there will be extra time, and later, perhaps even a penalty shoot-out. Of course, hockey clubs prefer to win the regular season because it gives them more points. (Germany: 3 points for a regulation win, 2 points for an overtime/penalty win)

However, betting on a tie can be profitable in ice hockey because the chances of a rare tie are much higher.

For Ice Hockey betting on a draw, i.e. X, you can count on odds of 4.00.

In the 2020 DEL season, each club played an average of 22% of draws in the main round. Thus, with 52 games per club, about 12 games were overtime or penalty shootouts.

Bet on a draw in the playoffs

The playoffs usually offer a good opportunity to bet on a draw. After a lengthy main round, the top teams play against each other in a playoff series and usually battle it out at close quarters at the same level. Especially in the German DEL, the power density in the playoffs is very low.

Tip: X in preplayoffs

More recently, the DEL has had a notable number of draws in the first round of the playoffs. So, the preliminary playoffs, which represent the 1/8 finals. Teams from 7th to 10th place in the table meet and fight in short series to get into the correct playoffs.

So these teams are not as strong as the top teams, and in the pre-playoffs they face their neighbors who have the same strength.

Ties after regular time in pre-DEL playoff games:

2019: 3 games out of 5

2018: 2 games out of 4

In games like this, when equally ranked clubs are competing for a place in the high season, hockey betting on a draw is a good idea!

Handicap betting

Another strategy that can be used in ice hockey is handicap betting. If a team falls short of the end by a goal, coaches always take their goaltenders off the ice in the last minutes and take full risk. So, the goalkeeper leaves his penalty area, and the attacker leaves on the ice.

Problem? If the team behind loses the puck, the other team shoots at the empty net and can thus decide the outcome of the game. Some coaches even take their goalkeeper off the ice if he is two goals behind and likes to play with fire.

These are ideal conditions for betting with a handicap. This tactical feature lies in the fact that many hockey matches end with a difference of two or even three balls.

The optimal bet with a handicap for this: 1.5.

Total number of goals

With this bet, it's worth doing a little research before placing your bet - as always. Checks if the teams in the match had goalscoring moods in the previous matchdays. Do forwards score often and a lot, or do games usually end goalless? The hockey season is very long, with the main round followed by the playoffs.

Teams usually have ups and downs over several weeks and game days. Looking at the stats, you can almost always see teams that either win everything over the course of a few game days or simply don't score any more.

That's what happened to Kölner Haie in the 2019 DEL season with an incredible 17 losses in a row! What followed this catastrophic phase? Sure: Winning streak with 4 successes in a row. Oh yes, and, of course, the change of coaches...

The shape curve of the last 3, 4 or 5 games is extremely important for betting on hockey!

These undulating curves also occur because the hockey games are very close in time. Usually there are two or three games a week.

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