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The usual game of roulette and blackjack is to be expected when using a live casino. But some live casino makers have released some of the most exciting versions of the games Here is a brief overview of such live casino options.

Mega ball

Evolution Gaming has entered the real-time gambling market with hardcore real-time games that go beyond the commonly expected card and table games. This is a lottery that first came out in 2020 . At the heart of the game is an exciting draw. The machine draws successive balls representing the winning numbers.

This is very similar to the classic lotteries that can also be played in Estonia. However, games are held much more often and on more favorable terms. You can buy multiple cards at the same time in this Evolution live casino game. The chances of winning can reach a million times.

No one else on the market has released a live casino game like this before. This is another victory for Evolution Gaming as it helped them gain a significant market share. As a player, you can enjoy a stylish studio whose graphical interface gives you a constant overview of the number of balls remaining, wins and other important things.

crazy time

This is another product from Evolution Gaming that has made it into the well-known live casino games. At its core, Crazy Time is a classic TV game re-imagined in the crazy, bonus-rich environment of the online world. That's why Crazy Time is a really crazy time: you can take advantage of the many bonuses offered to players.

Among other things, in this live casino game you can hunt for cash, flip coins (with multipliers!), play Paccico for real money and try your luck in the Crazy Time bonus round. If you want to get the most out of live casino entertainment, this game is the perfect choice for you!

quantum roulette

Playtech has long been hampered by the success of Evolution Gaming's flash roulette. Therefore, it was decided to come up with our own version, which was not copied one by one, but on the contrary, a completely new life was blown into the game.

Already entering the game, you feel that you are in the future: the quantum era has begun! Before spinning the roulette wheel, some numbers are chosen to become quantum numbers. If you were to draw with these numbers, you could earn with multipliers up to 500x.

Lightning bones

Want to play dice in real time? Lightning Dice allows you to bet on the outcome of a three-dice roll. The dealer throws the dice at the transparent tower. As a player, you get an idea of ​​what happens when the dice finally roll out of the tower.

The "lightning bolt" in the game's name refers to multipliers that seem impossible at first, but can produce astounding results. Each time before the dice are rolled, some of them are randomly selected from the numbers that become the Flash numbers. And the best multipliers can reach astonishing 1000x.

Deal or not

If you remember the TV game with Alari Kivisaar called Take or Leave, then Deal or No Deal by Evolution Gaming doesn't need much explanation. This is a live game inspired by the TV show. In this case, you play against a computer that constantly chooses which suitcases to leave aside.

The dealer will send you to victory on this journey. As in the series, there is a banker's offer that can be accepted or ignored. Definitely worth keeping an eye on your spending in this game. In the later rounds, it's especially easy to forget about yourself and start ignoring your original budget.

What are live slots?

Some experts say that live slots could be the future of the live casino world. The first live dealer games appeared online in the mid-2000s. But never during this time has anyone seriously played slot machines with a real-time dealer.

However, at the end of 2019, Playtech announced the launch of live casino style slots. This is why many people in the industry say that this is where the key to the new era of live casino products lies. All players who miss the social aspect of brick-and-mortar casinos welcome a more social experience.

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