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The school is chosen according to different parameters. Someone - the closest, so that you do not have to get up early. Someone goes to a certain program or because of an agreement with a university. But even with careful selection, it may turn out that the decision was not the best one. Leaving school and adapting to a new one is not an easy task, but sometimes it is the best path. 

It's too easy to learn

The teenager almost does not do homework, listens in half-hearted class, but still gets solid fives and is considered one of the best students? It would seem that there is reason for pride. But in fact, this is a sure sign that the schoolchild is "pressed" by the proposed educational system, it is too easy for him and bored, he does not learn anything new.

This situation is bad for several reasons. First, it is difficult to develop and gain knowledge within its framework. Instead of broadening one's horizons, one has to remain at the already passed level, repeating what has been known for a long time. Secondly, it teaches you to the dangerous thought that everything in life is easy, without any effort whatsoever. Inability to work is the scourge of many gifted children. They will order the robot faster in the essay writing help. After all, writing term papers and theses at a university is, first, perseverance and diligence, and only partly - knowledge and talent.

In addition, teaching in a weak class, self-esteem can grow unhealthily, they say, others work hard on tasks and constantly order in the, and I just need to look at the exercises once. This attitude can lead to difficulties with socialization and serious disappointments in the future, because one day it will become clear that there are people who are smarter and more talented. In a situation where everything is too easy at school, you should think about moving to a class or school with a more complex program: high school, with in-depth study of languages or mathematics, and so on.

No social circle

School is important not only because of the knowledge that students receive. It is there that people for the first time independently try to establish communication, start relationships, negotiate and defend their position. Good, healthy communication at school lays the foundation for future socialization in many ways. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the atmosphere in the class. Do the guys communicate with each other? Do they spend time together? It is bad if the class is divided into warring groups: "elite" against "poor", girls against boys, poor students against excellent students. In such a situation, the student is somehow involved in unhealthy relationships, learns to divide the world into "friends" and "aliens", and not to negotiate and respect a different point of view. At the same time, he is in constant fear of doing something wrong, of falling out of the "hangout", afraid of being himself and expressing his personal opinion, adapting to generally accepted norms.

It also happens that a teenager does not have a social circle at all at school. He sits at his desk alone, does not talk to anyone during recess, does not go out after school with his classmates. In such a situation, it is worth trying to find out the reason: perhaps the student has become an outcast, or perhaps he has moved away from other children because of the difference in interests and world view.

Whatever the cause of the lack of communication, the first thing to do is, of course, try to change the situation for the better. A teenager can try to connect with classmates and look for common interests, parents - talk at meetings with other families or even teachers. If the attempts have failed, you can try to look for schools with a healthier atmosphere and like-minded people.

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