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Even though your routine Wi-Fi router includes sufficient Range to provide complete Wi-Fi policy at a small house or flat, yet it's insufficient to fulfill a larger house or office with Wi-Fi. For this reason, dead zones or blind spots will probably become larger houses that could irritate you while listening to a beloved Spotify song or appreciating a Netflix film.

Regardless of the fact that range extenders are effective in addition to easier to use, it's fairly tricky to set up them. Over 50,000 users experience difficulties while installing their own Netgear EX3700 extender. Sensing this requirement, we've produced this tutorial that will assist you install your new Netgear EX3700 setup with no difficulties. Let's dig a bit deeper.


Placement of this Wi-Fi range EX3700 booster is a secret to the installation achievement. That is why, it is suggested to keep in mind open and get prepared to transfer it everywhere if you aren't receiving good Wi-Fi connectivity. Find a wall socket at the center of the dead and router zone. When you're finished using Netgear EX3700 installation, attempt to get the net in the blind spot and determine if you receive complete Wi-Fi signs or not.

On the contrary chance if you cannot find a good place for your Netgear EX3700, then you are able to use an AC extension cable to generate use of it in a location where the extender functions best. In the event the extender incorporates removable antennas, attempting to swap to reevaluate the Wi-Fi Range and policy.

Switch on Your Extender

After done with the positioning, power in your own Netgear EX3700 WIFI range extender by hammering it in a wall socket. Ensure the power LED in your own extender is green.

Create Cable Connections

Make sure that the cable does not have some kind of cuts as well as damages. The cable links have to be exact and finger-tight.

Log into Your Extender

    • The next thing to do is to log into a Netgear EX3700 range extender. 
    • Access your personal computer or laptop to visit Netgear extender admin panel.
      • Type www mywifiext net URL in the address bar.
        • Input the username and password passphrase.
          • Click the Login button.

            Get the Smart Setup Wizard

            The moment you log into a Netgear EX3700 installment page, the dash will exhibit. This is what the Netgear EX3700 installation wizard will look like. It supplies you onscreen instructions assisting you making the extender ready to go.

            You're Done!

            That is all!  Now, detach your extender and put it anywhere in the office or home. Join your preferred devices like a computer, notebook, computer into the elongated network and revel in uninterrupted online connectivity throughout the house. If still you face any kind of issues, while setting up your Netgear extender or after the setup process, feel free to ask our experts anytime via the comments section. Our technicians will respond to you back with some best technical assistance and guidance. Your feedback is really valuable for us.

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